Application Delivery, Redefined.

Freedom to use your Windows applications on any device – even offline

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No Windows, No Wi-FI, No Problem

Droplet Computing is a unique container technology which releases PC applications from the Windows Operating System.

Droplet Computing is not like any previous solutions. It does not change the application in any way, does not require Windows emulation, device re-partitioning or virtual machines; in fact, it does not rely on Windows at all.

Most important, it does not require you to be connected to a stable network at all times to access your applications. Now you can use your favourite fully featured Windows applications on any device you choose, anywhere, anytime – whether you have a reliable Internet connection or not.


Run your fully featured Windows applications on the device of your choice, without Windows.

Run the fully featured PC version of Office on a Chromebook offline

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Reduce Computing Costs

Droplet Computing is a thin and lightweight compatibility layer which enables Windows PC applications such as Microsoft Office, Project and Visio; and alternatives such as LibreOffice to run at native speed offline, as well as online on any device, even those with low power CPU or disk space, for the first time.
This means low-cost devices such as Google Chromebooks are finally viable as laptop replacements and End User Compute projects can be re-evaluated.

Reuse your Licences

The exact same applications you are used to using on your PC are now device agnostic. Applications look the same, have the same features and save in the same format as the PC version; because they are the PC version.

Applications licensed for your old PC can now be run on your latest Mac, tablet or even smartphone without Windows OS emulation, dual booting or application modification.

No Windows means no associated security issues, significantly less disk requirement and no time lost patching, updating and maintaining a guest operating system. This in turn means guest OS draining your devices’ battery.

Transfer your Visio licence to your Mac without Windows emulation or constant reboots

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Present from your pocket

Be Truly Mobile

Droplet Computing enables applications on any platform – regardless of chipset.

Android and iOS, ARM and Intel, tablet or phone – any modern smart device can run Droplet Computing.

Present from your pocket using your smartphone using screen-casting and a wireless pointer; add a wireless keyboard and mouse and use your HD television as a monitor; Droplet Computing supports a raft of use-cases without mandating you use a specific device, operating system or vendor.

“It’s quite remarkable to think of how this could shape computing for the years to come”James Ramey - CEO, Codeweavers

Super Secure

Our secure container technology can support virtually any Windows application.

Once installed in the Droplet Computing container, applications and data are secured within an encrypted sandbox using enterprise grade encryption (or higher). Users are still able to cut and paste between applications, both inside and outside the container; access their local storage and connect to the local and remote networks.

Droplet Computing allows your applications to escape the viruses and Trojans which prey on traditional operating system vulnerabilities.

Running applications in a secure container with no operating system to attach to dramatically reduces infection and onward transmission risks.

Data can be automatically, and securely synchronised to the Cloud storage platform or corporate storage of choice when online.

Super Lightweight

Droplet Computing supports applications with a super lightweight compatibility layer which provides just enough environment to keep your applications live without impacting performance or battery life.

With no operating system to maintain, you are free to focus on being productive with multiple applications running concurrently within the container while retaining full access to the native features of your device.

Print Anywhere

Easily connect to local and network attached printers wherever you are.

Because Droplet Computing allows you to run your fully-featured PC applications, what you see is what you get. Banish ‘unsupported format’ errors and eliminate file conversion layout changes.

Using VDI? No more printing to the wrong site. Droplet Computing sees the local network allowing greatly simplified configuration.

Type Anywhere

Droplet Computing adapts to the keyboard of your device automatically.

Access your languages’ unique character set – whether it’s العربية, 日本語, Français or North American, Droplet Computing supports your native keyboard layout and character-set.